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Conveyor Continuous

The conveyor belt is carried out with a double outline having a U shape, in order to grant the highest sturdiness and safety. It is enameled with epoxy powders which give elegance to the product and assure its life during the time of its shine. The conveyor belt can be supplied on request in the CONTINUOUS or COMPARTMENTS model with a lever drive that allows the two-way march. Ascent conveyor belts are carried out in all kinds of shapes and heights to satisfy all customers’ needs and the spaces available in the room, with or without supporting frameworks by some trusses put on walls to obtain a structure completely hanging in the air in order to grant to the customer the best work condition

Evolution ML

Solders nested two in one second. Better your visual condition of catching the nylon. Manual or pneumatic can be applied at the wall or on a trolley with wheels. Can have a roller in tall one or with the option in low. Ecological soldering without emissions in the environment of harmful smoke to health.

Evolution PML

The pneumatic packing machine for suits it has an ampler use when the quantity of dressed by packing they are greater, he differentiates in two model: murals and pneumatic. The characteristics of operation are similar to the model manual with the difference in the closing what in this case it happens pneumatically avoiding force him/it manual. Having the possibility to be applied on wall of wall avoiding the cost of the cart is having great application also for small laundromats.


The IPO1 envelope machine has been developed to pneumatically press and close by welding nylon bags containing quilts, blankets, eiderdowns, etc... In such a way, the natural size of the item is reduced, thus increasing room for storage and avoiding any contact with external agents. Given its very small size (700x1100x1400 mm), the envelope machine can be located in several places. The bags used must have the following characteristics:800x1100 mm thickness 95 microns.

Sector Manufacturer

This packing machine is used in the packaging sector because it allows of enveloped the clothes both in the superior part and in that inferior. The superior machine can weld both horizontal and tilted (-- -- / \). Today with this new model is possible the regulation pneumatically the height of the inferior settling bar, finally finding an application in the laundry.