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Alternative Solvent Machine

HP & HL 800 Series Product Overview Alternative Solvent Machines HP & HL 800Series The HP & HL 800 series offers exceptional cleaning, economically and ecologically in the 35-90 pound load capacities (see specifications) with a wide or narrow footprint to properly accommodate your needs for installation.
  • Multi-stage solvent/water separation system.
  • Large-access loading door.
  • Cyclonic Airflo™ basket
  • Dialog™ Computer with Dialog Plus™.
  • Front digital solvent/air temperature display panels.
  • Easy front access to electronics, computers and still control components.
  • Two/three holding/transfer tanks with a slanted base, LED illuminated sight glasses (optional).
  • Sensor Plus™ to prevent foaming and bacteria growth during the distillation process.
  • Illuminated front sight glass for still and basket solvent washdown inlet.
  • Optional solvent heating and Unibet feature available.
  • Optional LED front-loading door light, idiomatic still cleaning system with an optional rake.
  • Union’s I-Connect system (optional) allows remote viewing of the machine’s operation and data logging.
  • All electronic components are ETL-listed.

Carbon Bags

Carbon bags for funnel. Dry cleaning machines.

Dry Cleaning Filter Disc

Ecological dry cleaning filter disc ø=mm.320 Hole ø=mm.40. Dry cleaning machines.

Heating Element

Union dry cleaning machine - heating element for still. W2500X470 D.3/4"

Mechanical Seal

Seal for Water/solvent pumps - used for water pumps and dry cleaning pumps 12mm diameter


Nova series - Hydrocarbon machine.

Perc Pump Mechanical Seals

Mechanical seal for perc pumps - Diameter 17mm. FBN 75 Perc Pump Mechanical Seals ø=mm.17.

Perchloroethylene Machine

L&P 800 Series Product Overview The Result of 3 Decades of Leadership – An Unprecedented Level of Innovation & Safety This translates into faster production, lower energy and maintenance costs, easier operation, and ecologically superior performance. The Union L&P 800 series gives new meaning to the words “Fast, Smart and Clean.” Union dry cleaning machines are packed with high-performance and exclusive features that guarantee you the finest cleaning possible at the lowest cost. The ergonomic design produces exceptional cleaning as well as convenient and easy access to all components for quick maintenance. The newly designed L&P 800 Series offers a two-tank space saver “Slim Space,” in addition to our “Full Size” three-tank models. Our machine sizes range from 35 lbs. to 165 lbs. * Note: All-Union perchloroethylene dry-cleaning machines are approved by New York City MEA.

Pneumatic Air Valve

Valve N.O. for dry cleaning machines

Pneumatic Valve Spring Union

3/4" Air Valve, N.C. for Dry cleaning machines