Laundry Equipment

Our service department offers service and maintenance for professional and semi-professional washing machine, dryers, ironers, finishing equipment and other machines which can be found in any size of a laundry. From a small family dry cleaning shop up to a big laundry. We repair any electronic and electrical malfunction for motors, electronic boards, heating elements etc. 80% of electronic malfunctions can be fixed in-house.

We do all the mechanical works such as replacing bearings, repair damaged shafts or bearing houses. We have professional turners which can retrofit/modification and build any kind of mechanical part.

Dry Cleaning Equipment

Our company provides service for any kind or model or brand of Dry-Cleaning equipment – we do installations, modifications and service for dry-cleaning machines of any year. We have found in the market very old machines with serious problems and we managed to fix them. We also provide service for the refrigerators systems which are installed in every dry-cleaning machine and we have the licence for using and installing Freon for more that 3 kg. Two of our technicians have this licence, which means that we can provide any necessary repairs for dry-cleaning machines.

Finishing Equipment

We offer services for ironing tables, boilers, toppers, shirt finishers etc- Most of the machines are working with hydraulics and air operated. We have an extensive experience with hydraulics and we keep a good number of spare parts in stock.

Refrigerator Equipment

Our qualified and licensed technicians offer service and maintenance for a broad number of refrigerators units. We provide service for catering companies, coffee shops, restaurants.

Medical Sector

Another part of our services is to install and maintain medical equipment such as medical Refrigerator for pharmacies and clinical labs. Our line of products includes clinical equipment and pharmacy lab equipment. Repair medical refrigerators/freezers and provide solutions to the medical experts.

Vending Machines

We offer services for self-service machines like vending machine for cold snacks, coffee machines.

Professional Coffee Machines

Coffee machines is a new line in our services, where we provide general service of a different brands of coffee machines.

Spotting Agents

We provide spotting agents which are used in the pre-spotting process for a dry-cleaning shop. We offer the chemicals and the long-time knowhow in order the customer to remove spots on the cloths.

Wet Cleaning Chemicals

We provide chemicals for the wet cleaning systems.

General Consumables for Dry -cleaning and Laundry Shops

We provide washing powders for white and colour linen, whitening powders, grease removers etc. We have a broad line of cleaning agents from a long-time supplier Rolco.