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Hobart has been in business from 1883 when the Hobart owner produces its first dishwasher, later Hobart produced the first cooking equipment and the coffee grinder.

From 1883 until now Hobart expand its technology to dishwashers, which saves up to 50% water, 30% energy and 80% chemistry – Hobart’s vision is washing without water – Washing without water sounds almost impossible, but is it? There is a vision at the beginning of every business. Many products, which make life a little easier today, are born from utopian ideas of people with a vision. Without vision there would be no progress. This also applies to the dishwasher industry. Before Hobart launched the new PREMAX line in 2007, saving 50% on water using a conveyor belt dishwasher was unattainable, today it’s a fact. These successes motivate Hobart to set the bar a little higher, even higher than some deem achievable. To this day, no way has been found to wash dishes without water, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible! In recent years, HOBART has set the standard for energy-saving measures and expanded our technical lead with a series of new innovations. Compared to conventional technologies, PREMAX conveyor dishwashers save up to 50% water, 30% energy and 80% chemistry. This makes it a symbol of innovative capacity, economic efficiency and ecological awareness.

Technological Progress