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Conveyor Toaster

Hatco's TQ-800 Toast-Qwik® Conveyor Toaster uses conveyor speed, not temperature, to determine uniform toasting color, giving great flexibility and performance, as well as delivering up to 800 slices per hour.
  • Instant and precise adjustment of toast color with electronic infinite control regulate top and bottom heat.
  • Patented Colorguard Sensing System monitors and adjusts conveyor speed during peak periods to ensure toast color uniformity.

Electric Booster Water Heater

Water Heater Booster for Restaurant and Foodservice Dishwashers The Hatco C Compact Electric Booster Water Heater provides all the 180°F (82°C) final rinse water required to sanitize and flash-dry dishes and flatware.
  • Features fiberglass insulation to minimize heat loss.
  • Includes a temperature/pressure relief valve; a pressure reducing valve; 2 temperature/pressure gauges; a high-temperature limit control; a pilot indicator light; an On/Off switch, and a low-water cut-off to prevent heating element burnout due to a low-water condition.
  • Castone®-lined tank has a 10-year limited warranty.

Iron Classic Steam

The Iron Classic steam sets the standard for ironing. Thanks to the hinged chest and individual springs, the IronClassic steam combines a first-class ironing finish with increased productivity.

Ironmax Gas

IronMAX gas is Lapauw’s 3rd generation high performance ironer. Thanks to innovations like the true parallel chest technology, the IronMAX sets the benchmark in ironing performance, making it an indispensable tool for industrial laundries and applications where productivity counts.


With Starfeed, Lapauw offers Vacuum feeding belts and a suction box, which enhances the feeding quality. The Starfeed is available in working widths from 2700 up to 4200 mm and the adjustable height assures that it is compatible with any type or brand of ironer on the market.  


With 2 or 3 primary folds and no cross folds, the STARFOLD is the ideal addition to your single roll ironer, allowing you to save work hours on your ironing operations.


Folds, sorts, stacks, and counts terry towels and bath towels.

Unix Clamp Feeding

With 2, 3 or 4 feeding stations, the UNIX offers you efficiency and high-quality feeding for your production requirements, from 500 items per hour up to 1600 items per hour. The UNIX 3 station and 4 station feeders also come in 2 versions: single lane and 1-2 lanes and in any possible working width, up to 4 meters. The UNIX also allows manual feeding by moving upward the feeding stations, which gives unlimited access to the feed bands.